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Aug 20 2020

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The 1950’s stands as one of the great eras of the Parramatta (Central Cumberland) District Cricket Club, throughout this period the club stood amongst the vanguard teams in the prestigious Sydney First grade competition and was represented on the field by a multitude of gifted players (including Richie Benaud, Ron James and Jack Treanor).

The quality of the first grade team’s performance during this decade is illustrated by the following record – runners-up in 1952/53, 1953/54 and 1955/56 –fourth place in 1951/52 and 1958/59.

The club was also honoured in 1958/59 by its first grade skipper Richie Benaud being appointed captain of the Australian Test team against the old enemy England.

Here’s the Parramatta District Cricket Club team of the 1960’s

In batting order:

1. Bert Alderson

2. Bruce Ritchie

3. Wilfred Ewens

4. Richie Benaud

5. Ron James (Captain)

6. Norm Lockhart

7. Walter Cornock

8. Greg Beisler

9. Colin Barr

10. Jack Treanor

11. Ron Mulock

12. Leo Smith

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Parramatta Cricket Club
Parramatta Cricket Club plays in the NSW premier Cricket Competition